When we was young, oh man, did we have fun
Always, always
Promises, they break before they're made
Sometimes, sometimes

[1985] James comes screaming into the world at 9:53PM. As the middle child of three, he is loud, boisterous, and demands the center of attention if he can to make sure that he isn't overshadowed by either of his siblings or forgotten about by his parents.

[1997] James undergoes the first of three knee surgeries to repair an injury sustained while playing rugby. It hurts, a lot, and he decides that the pain isn't worth the sport.

[1998] James calls himself out on his bluff and, after several months of physical therapy, returns to his old rugby team. After picking up a particularly rough knock and seeing stars, he decides that his first game back is also his last and chooses to cheer on his pals from the sidelines.

[2000] Secondary school is in full swing. The loud, obnoxious middle child has toned himself down in favor of flying under the radar rather than draw extra attention to himself at school. He finds that he genuinely enjoys learning and struggles to find a balance between schoolwork, of which he has a lot, and a social life, of which he's lacking.

[2004] He graduates near the top of his class. Much to his parents' chagrin, he moves across the pond, where he begins university at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The academic year starts off in a particularly unremarkable fashion. That soon changes, and the world that James knows changes forever as his mother suffers from a heart attack. She is able to make a full recovery, but the entire family is shaken. James returns to university in an attempt at retaining a sense of normalcy.

[2008] James graduates from MIT with a degree in bioengineering. He decides to make this move permanent and relocates to Boston proper, just across the Charles River. He looks forward to the prospect of establishing his own life abroad but is not without reservations. He matriculates at Boston University as a doctoral candidate in Genetics and Genomics.

[2010] James' trust fund becomes available to him as he turns 25. Unsure of what to do with it, he stashes it away and leaves it untouched, as it is far more than he'll ever need. Later, he seeks out a financial advisor who provides him with the guidance he needs to save and invest wisely.

[2011] A night out with friends starts out with dinner and drinks and ends at a local comedy club. Though the rest of the audience is practically silent, James finds the comedienne to be hilarious and laughs at her routine. He buys her a drink afterwards. Miel captures his attention and James finds himself enamored.

[2013] James finishes his dissertation, the culmination of several years spent toiling away in the laboratory. He graduates from BU and begins a fellowship at Pfizer as a human geneticist to help develop pharmaceuticals and determine which test subjects are appropriate for certain clinical trials. He is eager to be doing the work and it shows, and it's not long before James is offered a full time job at another pharmaceutical company, which he accepts. Miel and James marry.

[2014] Miel is pregnant. The baby is unplanned but the couple is excited nonetheless. Later that year, Ethan Jacob Andrews is born. He quickly becomes the center of James' world, alongside his mother, and his only regret is not being able to spend more time with them. His job is demanding but provides for the family, and he enjoys his work.

[2016] Exhausted and burnt out from the long hours at work, James decides to quit his job as a scientist in hopes of finding something with a better work-life balance so that he can spend more time at home with his wife and kid. Thanks to his trust fund and smart investments, he can afford to take his time finding new work without having to worry about the family's financial well-being. On a whim (and after far too much time watching HGTV), James buys his first fixer upper and renovates the entire house from top to bottom. Though he hits several roadblocks along the way, he finds the entire process exciting and rewarding, and later, is able to sell the house at twice its original purchase price. It's not long before he realizes that this is his new passion.

⤑ name james alexander andrews ⤑ comicverse captain britain ⤑ date of birth january 12, 1985 ⤑ hometown islington, london, england ⤑ current residence boston, massachusetts ⤑ occupation dad / house flipper / geneticist ⤑ relationship status married ⤑ sexuality heterosexual ⤑ pets dust bunnies

Born and raised in the quaint English town of Maldon in Essex, Brian Braddock lived a quiet life with his family. He has two siblings, elder brother Jamie Braddock and twin sister Betsy Braddock. After his parents' death in what appeared to be a lab accident (but was later revealed to be their murder by the sentient computer Sir James Braddock had built), Brian left his family home to study at the Thames University in London. During a term break Brian worked at Darkmoor Nuclear Research Facility. Whist working at Darkmoor the facility is attacked by a villain know as the Reaver, intent on kidnapping the scientists to sell to various dictatorships. Brian escaped and tried to reach help on his motorcycle but the Reaver, who wanted the authorities to believe the scientists had died in a reactor accident, ran Brian off the road. He crashed down the side of a cliff, and was fatally wounded, but woke to find himself faced by the image of the magician Merlyn and his daughter, Roma (then calling herself the Lady of the Northern Skies).

This mystical pair offer him the chance to save his life. As the Reaver and his men closed in to finish Brian off, the two mages gave Brian a choice between the ' Amulet of Right' and the ' Sword of Might'. Deciding he wasn't much of a fighter, he selected the amulet and was transformed into Captain Britain, easily defeating the Reaver's men. The Reaver grabbed the sword and was likewise transformed, but despite this Brian still managed to defeat him and rescue Darkmoor's scientist. From then on, whenever Brian wanted or needed to be Captain Britain, all he had to do was touch the Amulet of Right.1

abilities 🔒 acrobatics
🔒 flight
🔒 genius intelligence
🔒 hand-to-hand combat
🔒 superhuman agility
🔒 superhuman durability
🔒 superhuman reflexes
🔒 superhuman senses
🔒 superhuman stamina
🔒 superhuman strength

objects 🔒 captain britain suit
🔒 excalibur
🔒 quarterstaff
🔒 star sceptre

memories 🔒 the avengers
🔒 excalibur
🔒 hellfire club
🔒 MI-13
🔒 merlin

locations 🔒 braddock manor
🔒 braddock lighthouse

Point of Canon
Earth 616.

comic parallelsnationality
college education
education 2013, boston university
   doctor of philosophy, genetics and genomics. graduated magna cum laude.

2008, massachusetts institute of technology
   major in bioengineering, minor in sociology. graduated summa cum laude.

2004, the city of london school

facts • the andrews family is nouveau riche, having made a fortune in publishing and expanding their empire from there
• his father has a daughter from a previous relationship, but is unaware of her existence
• is a diehard supporter of arsenal fc
• prides himself on the fact that his hometown is also home to the order of the phoenix